CCM Foundation was founded in 2006 with the idea of providing health and wellness educational services focusing mainly on African American and Latino youths. We started with a simple premise; educate with entertainment and innovation. We had one campaign, funded by our 3 founders. The CCM Foundation DVD Mixtape series. This was no ordinary DVD mixtape. We had live performances, but they were interspersed with on screen health information and most importantly PSAs by Hip Hop artists telling youths to be safe and healthy.
Since then our programs have grown to include many campaigns that focus on a variety of teen/youth health issues. Our “Heavyweight Teens” program is focused on nutritional issues and healthy eating. This is a “free to the school district”, afterschool program. “Big Decisions” is our youth abstinence program. This is another “free to the school district” program. It is our belief that providing these programs to the districts free of charge is the best way to disperse the information. We have also expanded to include the arts. Our “Art on the Streets” youth art contest focuses on themed subject matter. This program provides a great outlet for our schools ailing art programs. Young winning artists work is enlarged and placed on 3 foot by 5 foot banners and displayed on the streets in front of local community centers for at least one week.
We are continuously and tirelessly working on new and innovative ideas. We have created social media campaigns that have garnered great responses. We have a YouTube channel that, at the time of this writing, has over 200,000 views and our online survey has been completed hundreds of times.  
Currently, in our plans, is an innovative and informative app that will push information to downloaders on a continual basis, improving greatly how we disseminate information. We also have new programs and vast improvements to current programs in the pipeline.